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Caution End of upgrade cycle looming
Last Update: September 2016 Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 2 which featured a faster chip, swim proof, GPS, and a brighter display.
Next Update: September 2017 Not much is known yet, but a longer lasting battery and “smart bands” are rumored. Series 2 will likely receive a price drop.

Apple Watch Series 2 launched on September 16, 2016 with GPS, 50-meter water resistance with swimming support, a brighter display, and a faster processor. New band options debuted on March 21, 2017, but a more substantial upgrade isn’t expected until the fall.

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Don’t Buy End of upgrade cycle looming, will be discontinued
Last Update: September 2016 Series 1 Apple Watch is the same Apple Watch as the original, excluding the new faster chip (same one as Series 2).
Next Update: Series 1 will be discontinued, series 2 will likely become the cheaper model.

Track your activity. Measure your workouts. Monitor your health. Stay up to date with the people and information you care about most. Apple Watch Series 1 lets you do it all in an instant, thanks to a powerful dual-core processor.

Apple Watch Nike +

  • Series 2 Specs

Motivation in motion. Pure and simple fun. Apple Watch Nike+ is the latest in a long-running partnership between two of the world’s most innovative brands. From leading-edge comfort to the way it connects you to your running buddies through the Nike+ Run Club, it’s your perfect running partner — on your wrist.

Apple Watch Hermès

  • Series 2 Specs

The culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard, Apple Watch Hermès is a unique timepiece designed with both utility and beauty in mind. The latest collection features finely handcrafted leather bands from Hermès and Apple-designed watch faces based on the iconic Clipper, Cape Cod, and Espace Hermès watches. Its artful simplicity makes Apple Watch Hermès the ultimate tool for modern life — and an elegant way to live a better day.

Apple Watch Edition

  • Series 2 Specs

Apple Watch Edition has been reimagined in brilliant white ceramic, engineered to be as strong as it is beautiful. With all the great features of Apple Watch Series 2, it’s the next generation of a timepiece that knows no equal.

 Apple Watch Nike Lab

  • Series 2 Specs

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